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Door Knobs

We offer a vast array of cheap kitchen door knobs that are suitable for all budgets and tastes. With so many to choose from you’re guaranteed to find a door knob that will match your kitchen design, and your budget.

Suitable for whatever look you’re trying to achieve, the door knob range features a variety of different styles and each one is very easily installed, meaning you can spend more time enjoying your kitchen, rather than spending hours refurbishing it. Plus, with all our door knobs being sold separately, you have the option to mix and match between different styles, giving your kitchen a truly creative edge.

So, you’ve finally chosen your favourite kitchen door, now it’s just time for picking out the perfect door knob to accompany it.

From fashionable brushed copper and sturdy stainless steel, to sublime Swarovski-studded door knobs there’s something for everyone. A personal favourite of ours is the Winchester. Available in a ceramic effect, it makes for the perfect addition to any rustic style kitchen, adding a touch of farmhouse chic.

If you want to go a bit more modern, then the Riven Handle knob is for you. Get this style in a pewter colour for a minimal, yet different door knob style. This door knob is available in a square shape, making it a stand out accessory in your kitchen.

With our DIY approach, choosing an ideal door knob that’s suitable for your style, is completely functional and is built to withstand the pressures of everyday use, has never been easier.

Kitchen Click Direct offers a new, unique and cost-effective way of breathing new life into your kitchen, and because we work with some of the UK’s leading manufacturers of kitchen doors and accessories, you can rest assured that all our products combine high quality with exceptional value for money.

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