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How to get rid of limescale around your taps

Limescale is often an unavoidable problem that many of our kettles, washing machines, sinks and taps will face.

Limescale is caused by minerals such as magnesium and calcium carbonate. These minerals enter the water when it naturally runs over soft, spongy rocks like limestone or chalk. When this water is left on the surfaces, the liquid evaporates leaving behind the minerals, creating a white build-up of limescale and residue on your surfaces.

Some areas will naturally have more of these minerals in the water, making it easier for limescale to build up in your home. To help keep your sinks and taps look as good as new, our experts have put together this guide to removing limescale from around your taps.


How to get rid of limescale

Prevention can often be better than cure, so to help keep your taps limescale-free, spraying some furniture polish around the bottom of the tap will leave a slight film to prevent limescale and soap scum build ups. You can also rub a few drops of baby oil into the tap and the sink.

However, if this fails to do the trick, there are other ways to get rid of limescale. For hard deposits, you can remove some of the build-up using a sharp knife or scraper while being careful not to mark or damage the tap.

The best way to get rid of limescale is to dissolve the minerals, using either ordinary vinegar or lemon juice. The acids in the vinegar and lemon juice dissolve the alkaline minerals, easily removing the limescale from your taps and surfaces.

For small amounts of build-up, simply spray or rub in the vinegar or lemon juice then rise off. For more stubborn build-ups, leave the vinegar or lemon juice soaking on the tap to work its magic.

Soak the liquid into either a paper towel, cotton pad or cloth and drape it around the tap and infected areas of the sick. For the spout itself, you submerge it in a small plastic cup filled with the vinegar or lemon juice. Wrap a towel around the cup or secure it with bands to keep it in one place. Leave the solution to work for at least an hour, or even overnight depending on how much limescale there is.

After leaving it to soak, rinse with water and wipe clean to see the results for yourself.

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