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Make the most of a u-shaped kitchen design

We’ve all got an image of our dream kitchen. For some of us, u-shaped kitchen designs are the way to bring this dream into reality. A u-shaped kitchen, which uses three adjoining walls of units and cabinetry to create a u shape, not only looks great but also is one of the most practical kitchen designs available. Because it uses long runs of units, this shape of kitchen provides the most storage and workspace available – allowing you to embrace a clean and practical kitchen. Not sure where to start with U-shaped kitchen designs? We’ve got you covered with our top tips to make the most out of your kitchen


Think about your space

An obvious – but no less important – step is to consider the size of your kitchen. No matter how hard you might wish it, you can’t fit a larger kitchen into a smaller space. It’s just not possible. But thinking about your space goes beyond just seeing if it will physically fit. It’s all about making sure that you’ve got the right design for the room. For small kitchens, using long runs of cabinetry, appliances and fixtures together can make the room feel over cluttered or claustrophobic. Instead, think about using smaller runs or lower cabinets for a more open and spacious look. Top this with a light reflecting gloss finish for a real winner. Got a large kitchen space? Great! Lean into long runs for a dramatic and impressive effect – while also giving you more storage space.


Don’t waste the corners!

A u-shaped kitchen design means that you have two corners to play with – so don’t waste it! Using the right corner units is essential to getting the most of a u-shaped kitchen. Don’t let them become dead space – ensure your units have useable storage solutions.


Breakfast/drinks bar

Don’t have room for a dining area or kitchen island? Simply extend the worktops and units into the centre of the room to add a breakfast bar to your design. Incredibly multifunctional, breakfast bars add style and luxury into the room – while providing an extra place to enjoy and make memories with your family and loved ones.


Curves smooth the look

Looking for a modern and flawless kitchen design? Curved units are the solution for you. Removing any harsh or sharp corners and angles – curved units give your kitchen a smooth flow and soften its look. Combine curves with handle-less units for a truly spectacular and modern style.


Keep it simple

Because u-shape kitchens use a lot of units and cabinets – it can be easy to quickly overwhelm the style. Luckily, this means that you’ll have a lot of storage space to keep things tidy and clutter-free. Choosing a colour scheme is important in keeping things simple – particularly using minimalist neutral tones to maintain a light, open and airy space. For those feeling bolder, using splashes of dark or bold colours and texture can add drama and show-stopping style. Yet, bear in mind that it’s easy to overpower these kitchens – so don’t go too crazy!



When it comes to u-shaped kitchens, we’ve got the perfect units and styles to build your dream kitchen. We also make things easy – ensuring that installation is quick and easy no matter what level of DIY experience you have. With our revolutionary ClicBox technology, you’ll be able to assemble our units in seconds, without the need for tools, screws or glue.

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