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How to optimise the space in your kitchen units

Whatever the size of your kitchen, unit space is sacred. With pots, pans, and plates taking up most of the room, and food taking up the rest, cupboard space is often hard to acquire. But fear not – here at KitchenClick Direct, we’ve got you covered. These handy kitchen cabinet ideas are the saviour to your storage woes and will help you to optimise the space in your kitchen units. Shop-bought inserts Drawer dividers, spice racks, Lazy Susan’s and even corner cabinets are a perfect way of optimising space in your kitchen units. They often come in a variety of sizes and utilise cabinet space, creating more storage space. Place less used items on top of cabinets in boxes or containers For those utensils and ingredients that are rarely used (we’re looking at you, juicer), popping them on top of your units in attractive wicker baskets or plastic boxes can really save valuable storage space and optimise every aspect of your kitchen, while keeping with your design.


Utilise the side of your unit Adding hooks and holders onto the side of your unit will save valuable interior space and they’re great for storing things such as clingfilm, rolling pins, towels and utensils.

Add exterior open shelving to hold plants or dishes Installing a few small shelves onto the end of your units creates space for decorative items such as plants or plates. These add a designer look to your kitchen and save up space inside your cupboards for things you may want to hide away behind a door, such as weighing scales and tins.

Incorporate magnets and hooks Glue some strong magnets onto the side of your unit to display metallic utensils in a fashionable way and save valuable drawer and cupboard space. If you need more kitchen storage solutions, or are looking to improve your kitchen in order to create more space, take a look at our affordable, replacement kitchen units today.

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