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Things to consider when planning your kitchen

Having the opportunity to plan, design and create your very own kitchen can be an exciting time. Regardless of whether you’re a mini MasterChef or a culinary novice, planning a new kitchen gives you the chance to create a custom space in your home. Although planning a new kitchen can be a lot of fun, it can also be a very daunting task. It’s a big job and can take a lot of effort, time and money to do. Plus, for those who are less design-orientated, it can be a real struggle planning out how things will look and where things will go. Luckily for you, we’ve created this handy blog post that will help you start to plan your dream kitchen. From where to put your appliances, to the best layout for cooking, this blog will guide you through planning a new kitchen with ease.


Consider how you want to use the kitchen

When planning a new kitchen be careful to consider how you will be using it.

Do you spend lots of time cooking elaborate meals? Do you use your kitchen as a family meeting place? Do you like to host big dinner parties and get everyone involved? Before you start planning a new kitchen, think about how you use it, how it should look, and what features it should have with regards to your needs.


Determine your wants and needs

Thinking about what you’d like is a crucial step when planning a new kitchen. As you reflect on what you don’t like about your current kitchen and how you want to use your new one, you can determine what your wants and needs are. This is your chance to make your kitchen work for you and add virtually anything you want.


Think about space

The amount of space you have in your kitchen will limit what you can accomplish in the room. Make sure you measure the space and then decide how you want to use the space when you’re planning your new kitchen.

Consider whether you want most of the kitchen to be used for dining or cooking? Or would you prefer a large space dedicated for storage?


Plan for work surface and cabinet space

While planning a new kitchen, try and decide how you’d like to arrange your worktops and cabinets. Will you opt for a worktop up against the wall? Or how about an island in the middle of the room? The amount of worktop space you put in will also help you to determine how many cabinets to have/where these will be placed.


Think about appliance placement

When planning a new kitchen, why not consider the kitchen work triangle? This idea positions your fridge, sink and cooker in a triangle shape for the most effective workflow. This arrangement makes cooking easier because theoretically, you can move between appliances as you prepare meals with more ease.

Another appliance to think about is the placement of your dishwasher. To avoid dripping food and grease on the floor, place your dishwasher within arm’s reach of the sink. Then, when you rinse the plates, you can place them straight in the dishwasher, and avoid dripping dirty water across the kitchen. At Kitchen Click Direct we stock affordable, replacement kitchen doors, cabinets, handles and accessories. Plus, with our custom kitchen builder, it has never been easier to plan and create your dream kitchen, get in touch today.

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